Sales Consultancy

Who are we selling for?

Our focus is on high quality manufacturing companies as we make corporate partnership with them and sell their products & services directly to our customer base. We serve owners of the different manufacturing companies by selling their products and services in the US market as Resellers.

Why should you choose our Sales Consultancy Services?

Our competitive advantage over our competitors is the high quality, experienced, motivated and dedicated sales team who believes in making things happen. Our Sales professionals are highly qualified and carry an experienced of more than 35 years collectively in this domain. Our customer engagements has a proved record for increasing sales for our client’s products & services.

How does our Customer engagement takes place?

We start with the prospecting and customer profiling as per the customer segment we are targeting so for different products & customers we use both customer driven and products driven approach. After prospecting we decide the medium to approach our target customer. After the approach phase we move to the presentation and listen for objection handling. After solving his objections we close the deal and move that customer to the customer services department for strong follow up to achieve the post purchase resonance. That’s how we complete our selling process and engage customer for a long period of time to ensure repurchases via strong public relations.

How do we achieve results for you?

JLC Sales Consultancy process initiates with requirements gathering process as we believe in “Listening to our client”. We believe that Listening is the most important tool in the hands of sales consultants so we listen to our clients and get clarity about their products and services and most importantly about the goals and objectives of the company we are selling for. Our strong marketing research will engage us in the relevant group of customers to whom we will be selling the products and services. Finally our sales team will have a strong follow up and will close the deal with great results.

What will be the time duration?

After listening to our clients initially, we come up with the feasibility plan of the project and the estimated time of completion of the project shared with the client. We have a proven track record of meeting our deadlines for our clients.

Our medium of Interaction would be?

We are usually working virtually while requirements gathering and customer engagement. We do conduct some on site portions of our sales consultancy services as well.

Is this the same as hiring you to be the representative of our Company?

No. We are offering this as a separate service where we sell your products and services only.

Can we just make a contract to represent us?

Yes, Absolutely. If you are a manufacturer of high quality or an engineer looking for a solution to your problem we are here to help you every time.

What would be the cost for our Sales Consultancy?

It depends to be very honest. An assessment will be made to provide you the exact cost of selling the products & services of yours to our existing customer base available or to the new customers we will be hunting for your products & services