A project is a set of interrelated tasks executed over a fixed period and within certain costs and other limitations. A project may be a temporary (rather than permanent) social system (work system), possibly staffed by teams (within or across organizations) to accomplish particular tasks under time constraints. Project manufacturing is an operation designed to produce large, expensive, specialized products such as aerospace products for passenger planes, and automotive products like electric vehicles. Project manufacturing is highly flexible because each project is usually significantly different from the one before it: even if the project’s size and expense and a high degree of customization, project manufacturing can take an extremely long time to complete. JLC has completed high-quality projects with its high-quality team. Our diversified team of employees has delighted our customers with the extraordinary work in completing complex and dynamic projects by meeting the deadlines.

BIW Gage for Automotive:

Body in white (BIW) is the stage in automobile manufacturing in which a car body’s frame has been joined together, that is before painting and before the motor, chassis sub-assemblies, or trim (glass, door locks/handles, seats, upholstery, electronics, etc.) have been integrated into the structure. The structural components and the design of steel is being tested on the BIW gage, to check the conformance of standards. The data collection points using LMI gaging helps to Go / No Go check of parameter and part surface formation. ISO – 17025 gage is calibrated.


Automotive Oil Pan Gage:

Do you really know the functional components in the engine lubricating system in automobiles, is oil pan or sump is included? An oil pan is a metal dish that covers the bottom of the engine block. It serves as a reservoir that keeps the engine oil which from its oil circulate around the engine. The structure of the oil pan is being tested on the Automotive oil pan gage. 19 solar Tron digital probes verify the flatness of part. PC based data collection software provides instant visual results. The master plate included for zeroing gage. ISO – 17025 Gage is calibrated.


Progressive Stamping Tool:

Progressive die stamping is a unique metal forming process that has been used to create parts for various industries and applications. Progressive die stamping uses a type of tooling called a progressive die, which contains multiple stamping stations to carry out simultaneous operations on a sheet metal strip. By combining all the necessary tools into one die set, progressive die stamping is a great solution for high-volume production runs. It involves 24 stations, 1 out progressive die, in die dual tapping unit, automotive class B stamping die, and 30” x 96”.



Install Fanuc Robot Gantry:

A gantry robot consists of a manipulator mounted onto an overhead system that allows movement across a horizontal plane. Gantry robots are also called Cartesian or linear robots. They are usually large systems that perform pick and place applications, but they can also be used in welding and other applications. Installation started with a full floor layout CAD drawing of the facility. After that gantry robot columns have been placed and leveled followed by the installation of two pieces of gantry rail. At last, the placement of the Fanuc robot onto the gantry rail.


Battery Assembly for E Vehicle:

The input to the EV battery pack assembly process is individual cells and the components. The output is the battery system ready to be integrated into an EV. While the details of the assembly process vary depending on the chosen cell format and the manufacturing steps adopted, broadly, it consists of the following stages: Aggregating individual cells into battery modules, Aggregating battery modules into a battery pack, Adding additional components and peripherals to the battery pack to complete the EV battery system & Testing and certifying the battery system as ready for integration into a vehicle. Depending on the vehicle’s power need this end effector can be adjusted, by switching, to pick up three different arrays. We are at the forefront of lifting and installing Battery Cells/Arrays to EV Body trays.