Factory Automation – PLC Programming

With over 30 years of experience in factory automation and PLC Programing, JLC’s Industry partners have a skill set that can help your facility operate with more efficiency and effectiveness. PLC programming and troubleshooting experience come from a diverse range of industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and Packaging Industries. This comprehensive background brings not just a scope of experience, but a wide range of solutions for your unique and complex challenges. Our experience in different processes and hardware provides a wide skillset to assist with PLC programming. We know Automation is tough, but JLC is here to make it easier. The Programming Languages we are dealing in- Siemens, Omron, Schnieder, TI, Modicon, Toyopuc, Square D, and Automation Direct.Robotics: GuardLogix and GuardMaster programming Light Curtains Area Scanners Safe Torque-Off & Safe Speed Monitoring. Vision and Measurement: Vision Systems and Vision Sensors Barcode Reading Laser Displacement Sensors Laser Profilometer Contact Displacement Sensors / LVDT.

Factory Automation

Our factory automation processes provide a compelling way to boost quality, efficiency, safety, sustainability, and security in a rapidly changing modern factory setting. As competition grows and margins are squeezed, factory automation paves the way toward maximum profitability and better performance. The top five benefits of our factory automation processes are more consistency, reduced waste, improved productivity, better quality, and safer working conditions.


PLC Programming

The PLC Programming is an important task of designing and implementing control applications depending on customers’ needs. JLC Industrial LLC offers advanced technology, lesser wiring, compactness, increased reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, faster response time, easy to troubleshoot, low power consumption, easy to learn and program, shorter project time and simulation.